There are many school-based and non-school based competitive basketball leagues, and there are basketball leagues for kids with special needs. But, what about those kids who fall in between those leagues that lack the basic skillset, didn’t make the team, have slow motor development, and/or aren’t comfortable playing for either one of those leagues? Where do these players go to play the game of basketball that they love?

Rockland Woodz Basketball Club is proud to announce that this year we are offering a non-competitive junior recreational league for players in 6th-8th grades.

Our goals for our Junior Recreational League is to:

  • Work on the basic fundamentals of basketball
  • Promote physical fitness
  • Provide an interactive, supportive atmosphere
  • Integrate growth and learning as players have fun, overcome obstacles, and work as a member of a team.
  • Have our players gain a sense of accomplishment with experiences that leave them smiling.
  • Provide each child with a strong core belief in their ability to overcome everyday challenges without frustration.

Registration is $50 per child and includes uniform. If you are interested in signing up your child, please click the registration link below.

Register for Junior Rec League